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It’s hard to believe it is that time of year to Register for next year’s Preschool classes. We thank you for letting us be a part of your child’s Early Education.

Here is how our Registration procedure works:

1. December: Registration is open to our current Preschool children AND their siblings. You must complete the online registration.

2. January: Registration will be open to the public.

3. February: All parents will be sent a letter confirming placement and what to expect next.

If placement is not available, parents will be notified, the registration payment will be returned, and/or your child will be offered the opportunity to be placed in another class or on the waiting list.

Guaranteed placement is valid only until class sizes are filled.

Please fill out school forms on Child Pilot.

4. May: you can expect an invoice for the first of nine tuition payments.

School forms to be completed by June 1-prior to the start of school.

5. July: All families will receive an information letter sent via email with important items and dates detailing the upcoming school year. This letter will include tuition information, Parent Meeting and Open House dates and times, First week of school schedule and a school calendar.

6. August: Teachers will mail welcome letters to the children in their class.

It is our on-going pleasure to serve you and to delight in your children! Please do not hesitate to call the preschool office, or stop by any time if you have questions regarding the registration process!


Julie Erker

Cornerstone Preschool Director

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